X-Gold 608 - Bootrom Notes

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Hardware Addresses

took notes in the form of a header file, for better organization because if my notes are unorganized I can't stand it.

 * xgold608_bootrom.h
 * pseudo-header for X-Gold 608 (iPhone 3G) bootrom

/* main stuff */
#define SERIALBUFF 0x80000
#define BOOTROM 0x400000
#define NOR 0x20000000

/* defines how to boot */
#define BOOT_SPECIAL 0xF4400078     // if bit 24 set, device will boot special bl
                                    // if bit 21 set, device will not do signature checks

#define BOOT_SERIAL  0xF4400700     // if bit 11 set, device will boot serialbuff, not NOR

/* fakeblank */
#define fb1 0x2000A5A0
#define fb2 0x20015C58
#define fb3 0x20017370