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Original author(s)Apple Inc.
Developer(s)Apple Inc.
Stable release
(latest known version)
Operating systemmacOS
Size0.9-1.1 MB
Available inEnglish
LicenseClosed source

AtlasRecordsUI is an internal macOS application made by Apple. Its purpose is currently unknown. It seems to be for storing records (likely related to iDevices), hence Records in the name.


Like several internal macOS applications, AtlasRecordsUI is lacking libInstantPudding.dylib. Because of this, it crashes almost immediately after launch, showing only the window found in the infobox to the right before doing so. Technically this isn't a crash as the application detects that the library is missing and chooses to quit, unlike apps such as DCSD (also lacking libInstantPudding.dylib) which crash with a macOS crash report message.