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Internal Legal Messages on iOS 7

INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL messages are mostly shown on Apple internal development iPhones. They will be shown on the lockscreen of an iPhone and were first seen on leaked iPhone 4 prototypes in the USA and Vietnam. The messages can be shown on any iOS 4+ device with one of these methods:

  • Create the directory /AppleInternal/Library/PreferenceBundles/Internal Settings.bundle/
  • Add the following key to the model definition file of your device in the "Capabilities" array[1]:
<true />
  • Install the Cydia tweak "Internalizer." If you use this, you don't need to follow the steps below.
  • Set Systemversion.plist to "Internal". Note that some internal features will be enabled.

After a reboot, the INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL_* messages will appear on the device.

The messages on the lockscreen can be modified if the file SpringBoard-Internal.strings is put into the following directory:

/System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard/<Your Language>.lproj/

SpringBoard-Internal.strings (iOS 4.0-iOS 6.1.6)

"INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL_DECLARATION" = "Confidential and Proprietary";
"INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL_INSTRUCTIONS" = "If found, please contact";

SpringBoard-Internal.strings (iOS 7.0-iOS 9.3.5)

"INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL_DECLARATION" = "Confidential & Proprietary";

SpringBoard-Internal.strings (iOS 10.0+)



  1. ^ The model definition file has moved to the DeviceTree as of iOS 7.