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Hi i am a user here who likes editing this wiki and iOS stuff in general, particularly AppleInternal stuff. I own many iPhones and iPads on a variety of versions. I also like to repair and experiment.

Contact and Socials[edit source]

  • Discord: Orangera1n#8015 (I am in this wiki's Discord, DMS are closed).
  • Twitter: @_orangera1n, Ask me to DM you on twitter (or if I follow you, DM).
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  • I am also orangera1n on most other wiki's and forums, if you are wondering if its me, ask.
  • Note that I use she/her pronouns.

iPhones[edit source]

Device Variant Storage iOS Currently Jailbroken? Used for Comment
iPhone 4 N90AP 16-32GB 4.1-7.1.2 Yes Testing things (dual boots, internal cfw's) Some are not jailbroken
iPhone 4 N92AP 32GB 7.1.2 Yes Just some CDMA iPhone 4's, nothing special
iPhone 4S N94AP 16GB 5.1.1-9.3.5 Yes Dualboots Some have cracked screens
iPhone 5 N42AP 16GB 8.4.1 Yes Broken power button
iPhone 5c N48AP 16GB 9.3.2 Yes -
iPhone 5s N53AP 16GB 10.3.3 No Collection Damaged
iPhone 6 N61AP 64GB 12.5.7 Yes Screen installed is of low quality
32GB 12.5.5 Yes idk tbh iCloud bypassed
iPhone 6 Plus N56AP 64GB 12.5.7 Yes Older dualboots, and other tests No Touch ID
iPhone 6s N71AP 64GB 12.1.2 Yes No Touch ID, iCloud bypassed
32GB 13.3.1 Yes Testing iOS 13 stuff
iPhone 7 D10AP 128GB 12.2 Yes Testing older dualboots No Touch ID, dead baseband.
iPhone 7 D101AP 32GB 14.0.1 Yes Newer dual boots Cracked Screen
iPhone 7 Plus D11AP 32GB 14.8 Yes Testing tethered Downgrades No display
iPhone 8 Plus D21AP 256GB 15.5 No iOS 15 stuff Obliterated screen
iPhone X D221AP 64GB 14.2 Yes Testing newer dual boots Cracked back, No Face ID, display has dodgy touch.
iPhone XR N841AP 256GB 16.1.2 Yes Current main device. Cracked on both sides.

iPads[edit source]

Device Variant Storage iOS Currently Jailbroken? Used for
iPad 1 K48AP 64GB 5.1.1 Yes Collection/Testing
iPad mini P105AP 16GB 8.4.1 Yes 2 of them are DCSD unlocked
iPad mini 4 J96AP 64GB 10.0.2 Yes Cracked Display and dented back.
iPad (5th generation) J72sAP 32GB 11.4 No Dead Touch ID
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) J207AP 64GB 15.7.1 Yes Main iPad
iPad (6th generation) J71bAP 32GB 14.3 Yes Screen isn't flush
iPad Air 3 J217AP 64GB 14.2 Yes Mostly used by my mom.

iPod Touches[edit source]

Device Variant Storage iOS Currently Jailbroken? Used for
iPod Touch 1 N45AP 16GB 2.2.1 No -
iPod Touch 2 N72AP 32GB 4.2.1 No Cracked screen
iPod touch 4 N81AP 6.1.5 Yes -
8GB 6.1.6 Yes -
6.1.x No Totally broken

MacBooks[edit source]

Device Variant Color Storage Notes OS
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2011) MacbookPro8,2 (Intel Core i7 with 8GB RAM) Silver 180GB Dead GPU, used for Legacy Jailbreaking El Capitan 10.11?
MacBook Pro (14-inch, 2021) MacBookPro18,3 (8 core M1 Pro with 16 GB RAM) Space Grey 500GB Main MacBook Ventura 13.2/Monterey 12.6.3

Broken and iClouded[edit source]

Device Variant Color Storage Notes OS
iPhone 5 I don't remember White 16GB iClouded 10.2
iPhone 5s Black 32GB iClouded and in lost mode 10.1.1
Gold 16GB iClouded 10.2
iPhone 6 iPhone7,2 Space Grey 16GB Just a board, no housing 12.1.4?
iPhone 6s S8003 Rose Gold 64GB Just another board, but display connectors are dead 12.1
iPhone 6s Plus S8000 Space Grey 32GB Missing parts, iClouded 14.0
iPhone 7 I don't remember lol Sliver 32GB Just another board, but iCloud locked 15.x
iPhone X iPhone10,6 Sliver 256GB iCloud locked, bypassed, but dead 12.4.1
iPad 1 Wifi Sliver 16GB Touch screen clips fell off 5.1.1
iPad 2 Cellular White 64GB Cellular missing, iCloud locked, and in pieces. 6.1.3
iPad 2 iPad2,4 White 16GB Missing digitizer 9.3.5
iPad 3 Wifi White 16GB Touch connector broken, can't find this 9.3.5