Restore Errors/40xx

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Error 4005

  • Miscellaneous peripheral fault. Check Earpiece speaker, charging port, front/rear camera, anything disconnect-able.

Error 4010

  • Linked to hosts file blocking of Apple services or problems with Firewall/Antivirus.

Error 4013

  • Generally related to a hardware fault, if not the cable used to connect the device to the PC
  • Commonly general hardware failure. Common culprits are NAND, earpiece speaker, and faulty CPU power. If the device is an iPhone 7/7 Plus, it can also be a result of a dead baseband.
  • Faulty NAND, CPU power, and baseband require a logic board repair or replacement. To verify other components are not the cause, switch the logic board into another housing if you can.
  • Potentially a bad Lightning/30-Pin connector causing disconnects.

Error 4014

  • Inconclusive error, commonly triggered as a result of tether downgrading an iOS device and being stuck in LLB rather than DFU mode or Recovery Mode.

Error 4047

  • The device's NAND is likely dead. You may see this instead of 4013