OTA Updates/iPod touch/12.4.6

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iPod touch (6th generation)

Users still running older versions of iOS (up to 9.3.5) are now presented with a dummy update file, and are instructed to use iTunes to install software updates.

Version Build Prerequisite Version Prerequisite Build Release Date OTA Download URL File Size
12.4.6 16G183[1] 24 March 2020 95b3b8db1790eeb0f9363aca9cc3021213d124c9.zip 2,096,961,973


  1. ^ Apple inflated the build number in its mesu.apple.com listing, presumably to make the device recognize the update. (e.g. 16G183 was listed as 16G6183.) The listings on this page use the build number displayed on the device.