Restore Errors/16xx

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Error 1600[edit]

  • Custom firmware can't be restored on a device with DFU Mode as the device is not in a pwned DFU Mode.
  • APTicket problems if you try to restore to iOS 5.x in the DFU Mode.
  • If truly stuck (even with an regular iTunes Restore), edit the hosts file and comment out the "" line so you can get valid blobs from Apple
  • GetDeviceID: failed for iBoot (experienced on Windows 8)

Error 1601[edit]

See KB TA38633.

Error 1602[edit]

  • Restart computer; change computer; reinstall system.
  • If this error occured during an Apple TV restore, then unplug the Apple TV from the power cable, after you entered the recovery or DFU mode, and then try it again.

Error 1603[edit]

Bad kernelcache patch. Known on damaged bundles from unofficial PwnageTool distributions or bundles. See also Apple's KB TA38604 [Archived 2011-10-10 at the Wayback Machine]

Error 1604[edit]

Device was not pwned (signature checks were not blocked). Custom firmware can't be restored. Can also happen when there's a problem with the IPSW.

Error 1611[edit]

iTunes tried to enter the Restore Mode, but the device turned back to the Recovery Mode. This can happen when updating an iPad 2 jailbroken with Saffron gets updated to iOS 5. In this case simply retry, as it is in Recovery Mode then anyway.

Error 1618[edit]

Missing system files or corrupt data in iTunes installation. Uninstall iTunes and Apple Mobile Device Driver, restart computer, and then install iTunes again. This error also occurs for iTunes in Windows 8 for reasons currently unknown.

Error 1619[edit]

iTunes is too old and couldn't read the iPhone in recovery or DFU Mode. Please update iTunes and try it again.

Error 1644[edit]

IPSW was moved during prepare with iTunes. Try it again and don't move the IPSW.

Error 1646[edit]

iTunes expected the device to be in a different state (Example: booted into iOS rather than jumping to iBEC).

Error 1667[edit]

Occurs when device is unplugged while the "iTunes will erase and restore your iPhone to iOS #.# and will verify the restore with Apple." dialog is shown. Check USB connections and try again.