Secpack 2.0

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This is the security in the files sent to the X-Gold 608 and XMM 6180.


The file contains sections like structure below

struct section_header
	unsigned int	id;
	unsigned int	size;
	unsigned int	sub_id;

followed by the data.

The size define the header size(0xC) and the size of data

Section ID[edit]

0xCF8 -- Header
0x2 -- Footer
0xB -- Memory Map
0x10 -- File Description (type (EEP, FLS, ...), ...)


  • secpack
    • 0xCD4 -- offset to name(add 0xCF8 for secpack 2.0)
    • 0xCEC -- size
    • 0xCF8 -- data??
  • endpack(starts after data)
    • 0x830 -- 0x01FEDABE
    • 0x834 -- address
    • 0x838 -- region size
    • 0x83C -- real size


This has two loaders, a bootrom loader which loads at 0x80000 and a bootloader loader which loads at 0x86000