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Telesphoreo Tangelo
Original author(s)Jay Freeman (saurik)
Initial release29 December 2007 (2007-12-29); 16 years ago[1]
Operating systemiOS
Included withCydia Installer
PredecessorInstaller "BSD Subsystem"

Telesphoreo Tangelo (usually referred to as simply Telesphoreo) was a project founded by saurik to port Unix software to iOS. It is based around a custom build system that ultimately creates deb packages.

The project is named after, and the icon depicts, the tangelo, a citrus fruit with a distinct stem. In the initial announcement of the project, saurik introduced it with the following:

I have decided to start a project called Telesphoreo with the goal of creating a distribution of GNU and BSD's userspace for the iPhone as a collaborative, open-source project. The name is an ancient Greek word meaning "to bring fruit to perfection or maturity", which I feel is what needs to be done to Apple's product: it's passable as a phone, but as a portable workstation it is almost unmatched... with the right software.[2]

Telesphoreo pitched GNU Core Utilities, APT, and dpkg as a robust solution to Installer's shortcomings in package distribution and quality. This has remained the standard beyond the lifetime of the Telesphoreo project. This environment required the development of a new frontend to replace Installer, which led to the development of Cydia.

To facilitate the transition from Installer, an AppTapp repository hosted at held packages that install Cydia, provide a dummy "BSD Subsystem" package to maintain compatibility with existing AppTapp packages, and solve a few common issues.

A website running the project management software Trac was hosted at, but was closed in 2012 due to lack of use and ongoing spam. Several mailing lists hosted via GNU Mailman also existed, being closed in 2011.

Mailing list archives

List Description
cydia-packagers No original description provided - discussion between maintainers of popular repositories
g1-hackers Hacking the Android T-Mobile G1
g1-users Using the Android T-Mobile G1
iphone-api Low-Level and Undocumented iPhone APIs
iphone-gcc Bits and Bolts of Native iPhone Development
iphone-java iPhone Development in Java (JocStrap)
iphone-python iPhone Development in Python (PyObjC)

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