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Trampoline is the codename for the iPhone 5's OTA Update Enabler. iOS 6.0 on the iPhone 5 apparently included a bug that prevented OTA updates from occurring properly. As a result, Apple made the OTA update process a little less straightforward.

Trying to perform an OTA update informs you about the updater app, and how to obtain it.


  • Spawn by update daemon (causes elevated privileges)
  • Mount Disk Image /Applications/ at /Developer
  • Copy contents off (essentially cp -r /Developer/* /)
  • Reboot
  • Daemon runs and patches files
  • Daemon deletes Trampoline
  • Reboot Notes

  • The app can be installed on a device via iTunes.
  • iOS Updater can't be deleted on the device, but can be removed via iTunes.
  • The app appears to require elevated (root) privileges.
  • iOS Updater is deleted on successful update.
  • Among with iOSUpdaterHelper.dmg, in, there is its signature. This prevents hackers from replacing it with an unofficial image.

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