User:24K PWN

just a small time lonewolf developer, theme and tweak creator new to the community. creator of SHSHRunner, Complete Green Jailbreak, and SHebang (iOS 6.0 - 6.1.2) Faulty SHSH hack and many more to come


iPhone 3GS (old bootrom) 6.1.3 (Untethred)

iPhone 4 CDMA (6.1.2 Faulty SHSH Hack) (Tethred)

iPod touch 1G 3.1.3 (Untethred)

iPod touch 2G 4.2.1 (Untethred)

iPod touch 3G 5.1.1 (Untethred)

iPod touch 4G 6.1 (Untethred)


ASRock 970 extreme 3, AMD memory 64GB DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 7850 X2, AMD FX8100 (8Core CPU), Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

ASRock AM2 XLI ESATA 2 AMD memory 8GB DDR2 Nvidia GTS 250 X2 AMD Athlon X2 Windows XP 64bit Corporate Edition

ASRock 939 Dual SATA 2 AMD Memory 4GB DDR AMD Radeon HD 5450 AMD Opteron Windows XP 64bit Corporate Edition