About me

My name's Alberto Varrica, I'm a young iOS developer from Italy and I'm interested in iOS modding.

At the moment I'm (slowly) working to revive OpeniBoot and iDroid. I also play with iOS multi-booting.


Device Color Firmware Blobs
iPhone 6s Space grey Broken Yes
iPhone 6 Space grey 12 beta 11 No
iPhone 5s Gold 10.2 Yes
iPhone 5s Space grey 10.3.3 Yes
iPhone 5c White 9.1 Yes
iPhone 5 Black 8.0 Yes
iPhone 5 Black 8.4.1 No
iPhone 4s Black 7.1.1 Yes
iPhone 4 Black 5.0.1 Yes
iPhone 3gs White 4.3.3 Yes
iPhone 3g Black 3.1.3 Yes
iPad Mini White 7.1 Yes
iPad Mini 2 Black 10.3 Yes
iPod Touch 2g Black 3.1.3 Yes
iPod Touch Black Unknown -

Contact me

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