Hello World! :D

Note: I don't actually own any products made by Apple, whatsoever, and I never had anything made by Apple in the past. However, I am a Linux user interested in hacking and modifying Apple mobile devices, and I'll do what I can to help around here. I'm really experienced with MediaWiki markup, template creation, and administration (I'm an admin on 3 Wikia wikis, although under a different user name). I also have a good amount of experience editing web pages using HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript, and I prefer to edit pages using gedit, a very nice, but simple text editor. I am decent at photo manipulation using the GIMP, and I have done very large amounts of web graphics editing in the past, mostly for Wikis and fansites. Nowadays, I don't do much web related stuff anymore, but I spend my time messing with computer programming and software development. Recently, I have been experimenting with C, C++, Java, Python, and Bash Scripting. I also have lots of experience with Linux, and *nix based operating systems, and I currently am running the latest development version of Ubuntu x86 64-bit. I also have a legal copy of Windows 7 Professional, but I haven't actually used that for months. Playing with Linux distributions, and other operating systems in virtual machines is a hobby of mine. I also like messing around with SDKs for things like smartphone operating systems, to get a better feel for how the device would be if I had one, and possibly to develop software for their platform. I have experimented with Android, BlackBerry, Maemo, and Web OS. I am planning on eventually studying low-level x86 assembly language programming, and some day, when the iPhone/iPad is able to run Android much better than it can now, I will probably get one, but for now, I prefer Android as my smartphone operating system of choice. I am interested in modification and hacking of just about anything, in order to unleash the devices full potential. Right now, I'd like to see more PS3 and Xbox 360 hacks. If you have any questions, just ask on my talk page.