My name's Ben. I'm a Software Developer/Xbox Hacker/Website Designer & Developer, I'm not much of a iHacker but I know my stuff and I always experiment (practice makes perfect?) and I like to improve on stuff to make life easier (if possible!). I live in England, UK, which you'd probably know if you follow me on twitter. My birthday is October 24th.


  • iPod Nano 3G :D
  • iPhone 3G[S] (New Bootrom): 3.1.3+ Running on a custom firmware of 4.1
  • iPhone 4: 4.0.2 (Isn't mine but I'm allowed to use it :P)

Contact info

  • Game Center ID: bennyyboi
  • Twitter: [1]
  • Public E-Mail: [2]
  • Blog: [3]

My Work

  • IDecrypt - For Mac OS X + Windows 32bit/64bit (find out more on it's own page)