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Christopher Anderson

CS Student who sometimes makes jailbreak tweaks and iOS apps

Contact: Twitter


Device; spec; version Status Jailbreak
IPhone 11.png iPhone 11
64 GB black; 16 beta 1
In use
IPhone 7.png iPhone 7 (iPhone9,1)
128 GB black; 14.2
Test device Taurine
IPhone 6s Plus Rose.png iPhone 6s Plus
128 GB rose gold; 15.7.3
Test device palera1n
IPhone 6s Rose.png iPhone 6s
?? GB rose gold; ??
From friend, screen cracked and battery probably not working
IPhone 5c white.png iPhone 5c (iPhone5,3)
16 GB white; 10.3.3
Test device h3lix
IPod touch (4th generation).png iPod touch (4th generation)
8 GB black; 6.1.6
Screen has some gray pixels top right p0sixpwn
IPod touch (4th generation).png iPod touch (4th generation)
8 GB white; ???
Lost password, haven't restored yet
IPod touch.png iPod touch
16 GB; 3.1.3
Works great
Apple Watch
Apple Watch Series 6.jpg Apple Watch Series 6 (Watch6,2)
?? GB; 9.3.1
In use
MacBook Pro 14-inch 2023.png MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016) (MacBookPro13,2)
512 GB SSD; 8 GB 2133MHz LPDDR3 RAM space gray; monterey
In use