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Why hello there. My name is Geoff. But you can call me ifish.


I got into the jailbreak scene when iOS 1.1.4 was released. I had my trusty iPod touch 1G. I used ZiPhone. You don't know how cool I felt jailbreaking a device back then. I felt like a hacker. I'm 15 years old living in Canada.

Devices I have access to

I own an iPod touch 2G. I also own an iPod touch 4G. I have access to my dad's iPad. Sister has an iPhone 4.


You can follow me on twitter. I respond to most if not all replies. My twitter


I enjoy taking pictures with my dad's camera. I also have a deep lustful craving for information in the DS, Wii, and iPhone scenes. But that's not really a hobby. I enjoy playing the sport Pickle Ball with friends. I'm actually kinda good at it. I enjoy swimming. I was part of the diving team that past summer (2010) and when in the last show, I kinda smashed my face on the water. I was doing a tick and lost focus. (Ouch!) Last but not least, I enjoy helping people out.

Friends on the wiki

Dialexio: We met on a forum. He revived a guide I helped write for jailbreaking. Then him and I teamed up to work on the guide side-by-side. I consider him my best friend on the internet. We chat at least once a day on Windows Live Messenger.

Cj: Spoke a bit on the chronic-dev's irc. Cool guy.