I'm just a young guy who's interested in jailbreaks and dual-booting. I'm not the type of guy to tell you everything about me, just the important stuff you wanna hear. I'm also a friendly guy and I love to laugh.

Twitter: @Vyce_Merculous

GitHub: @Merculous

My Discord Server (Dualbooting, iOS, etc.)


Device Variant Storage iOS Currently Jailbroken? Status Extras
iPhone 3G N82AP 8GB 4.2.1 Yes Shattered Screen I got pissed at a game lol
iPhone 3GS N88AP 16GB 6.1.6 No Replaced Battery and broken charging port Old Bootrom
Yes Replaced Screen (from the old bootrom one :P) New Bootrom
iPhone 4 N90AP 32GB 7.1.2 Main Dual-Booting Device Testing Device
iPhone 4S N94AP 16GB 8.4.1 Came on iOS 7.1.2 :P I saved the blob for it too ( I lost the blob :/ )
32GB Activated thanks to SoNick_14 Turns out I saved the blobs with the DieID and not the UniqueChipID (ECID) :/
iPhone 5 N41AP 64GB 10.3.3 No iCloud Locked :/ Only device I still have that I grabbed blobs from the signing window mishap on Apple's end :P
N42AP 32GB 8.1.2 Yes Has multiple broken parts (which I'll fix :P) Came with iOS 8.1.2 (let's not lose another blob)
N48AP 16GB 8.1 Was still on iOS 8.1 FTW! Is my sisters old iPhone too lol
iPhone 5s N51AP 10.3.3 Downgraded to iOS 10.3.3 with OTA blobs, checkm8, and iBoot64Patcher :D Jailbroken with TotallyNotSpyware
iPhone 6 N61AP 12.1.2 No iCloud locked Just a spare device to upload A8 AES keys using checkm8 (for now)
iPhone XS Max D331pAP 64GB 13.3 Yes Daily Driver Jailbroken with Unc0ver