A beginner programmer and iPhone developer. Creator and maintainer of DMG Decrypter for Mac.

Personal Life

Currently resides in Westchester, New York. Real name is Mark Conigliaro. Began programming at the age of 14 with java but decided to use xCode and Objective -C to write his first apps.


  • iPhone 4 - Jailbroken on 4.1
  • iPhone 3GS - Jailbroken on 4.1
  • Currently waiting for the release of the iPad 2G to buy that

DMG Decrypter

Early September 2010, Mark began the writing of DMG Decrypter because he wanted to benefit the community, On September 16th 2010 he released a beta only for Mac on his blog. A month later he took up the project again and released a second beta and announced the release candidate shortly after iOS 4.2.