About Me

I have owned an iPhone since I bought my first smartphone in 2011, an iPhone 4. My first jailbreak was tethered via Redsn0w on iOS 4.2.10. I have also managed to go completely Apple with every computer/phone (even the router for my network) in our house.

House Devices

These are all the Apple products that are owned by my family (me, my wife and our son)


Device Model Capacity iOS Version Color Bought on User (usage) Jailbroken Works
iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone7,1) MGC52 64 GB 8.4 Space Gray Aug. 2014 me (daily use) Yes Yes
iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone7,1) MGC92 16 GB 8.4 Silver Aug. 2014 my wife (daily use) Yes Yes
iPhone 5c (iPhone5,4) ME555 16 GB 8.1.2 Blue ??? 2013 my son (daily use / inherited from his uncle) Yes Yes
iPhone 3G (iPhone1,2) unknown atm 8 GB 3.1.3 Black ??? 20?? no one (hardly ever / inherited) Yes cracked screen
iPhone 5 (iPhone5,2) unknown atm 16 GB 8.?.? White and Silver ??? 2013 Bro-In-Law (drowned / was my wife's prior to drowning) was at the time of drowning No


Product Capacity Boot Camp'd OS / Boot Camp Bought on User (usage / other details)
13-Inch Late 2011 MacBook Pro 500 GB SSD Triple Boot OS X 10.10.5 / Windows 10 / Unbutu 15.04 Sept. 2014 me (daily / Hacktivated Continuity)
Late 2012 Mac Mini 500 GB HDD Yes OS X 10.10.5 / Windows 7 Dec. 2014 livingroom TV (daily / streaming video)
13-Inch Mid 2012 MacBook Air 128 GB No OS X 10.10.5 Feb. 2015 my wife (daily / nothing special)
21-Inch Mid 2011 iMac 500 GB HDD Yes OS X 10.10.5 / Windows 7 Sept. 2015 my wife (College/Bedroom TV)