18, lives in Perth, WA. Currently studying Cyber Forensics and Information Technology.
I'm an avid iOS tinkerer. I've been fascinated with iOS and security for a long time now. I never really understood any of it. I use to think Jailbreaks were as easy as writing a hello world application in visual basic. Lol, no.
I'm starting to learn how vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited in iOS by reading up on old jailbreak documentation (how I found this wiki).
Hopefully I'll continue on this endeavor. Thanks for reading and I hope we can get along!

My Devices

Device Model Colour Firmware Jailbroken Purpose
iPhone 4S iPhone4,1 White 8.4.1, 12H321 No General Use
iPod Touch Generation 4 iPod4,1 White 6.1.6, 10B500 Yes, with p0sixspwn Fuzzing

Languages I know


  • C / C++ / C# / objC
  • Python
  • Java
  • VB.NET (I know)


  • Shell
  • PHP
  • HTML

Dabble in:

  • Japanese

External Links