About Me

I am a contemporary hacker in the age of somewhere between 16-21 I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my dog, which is small and cute. I play Squash and Badminton as sports, and I watch alot of movies.

My Job(s)

I own two websites, manage 3 and build on demand. I repair computers for the occasional cash boost, and fiddle around with broken electronic devices.

My Gear

I own a Mac Mini 2009 High-End, and a Toshiba Satelite which sucks, but is good. I also own a few crappy desktops and usual junk. I own a ipt3g and my 3GS is broken due to me being stoned and fucking it up.


Insert shite here (don't take that literally admin(s))

Where to find me

I am usually on and on