About Me

Hey! I'm Pierre-Marc, a 19 years old student in computer science especially in networks management. I'm a beginner iOS hacker, as well as an Apple products collector. I have a huge interest in the understanding the inner working of Apple's amazing iDevices and about how they are made. I also like to hack video games to find some hidden stuff and to understand how those games work. My favorites are Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon, Rayman, old Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong games.

My Devices

Device Codename Model Memory Comments Works Firmware Baseband Owner
iPod Touch 1st N45AP MA623C 8GB Yes 3.1.3 None Yes
iPod Touch 2nd N72AP MC086LL 8GB Yes 4.2.1 None Yes
iPod Touch 3rd N18AP MC008C 32GB Yes 5.1.1 None Yes
iPod Touch 4th N81AP MD057C/A 8GB Yes 6.1.6 None Yes
iPod Touch 5th N78AP MD718C/A 64GB Yes 8.1 None Yes
iPhone 2G M68AP MA712 8GB Damaged Baseband No 1.0 3.12.06_G Yes
iPhone 2G M68AP MA712LL 8GB Boots on SkankPhone Yes 1.1.4 4.05.04_G Yes
iPhone 3G N82AP MB629C 8GB Yes 4.2.1 05.13.04 Yes
iPhone 3G N82AP MB629 8GB Yes 4.0 05.15.04 Yes
iPhone 3GS N88AP MC637C/A 8GB Yes 6.1.6 05.16.08 Yes
iPhone 3GS N88AP MC132C/A 16GB Broken Wi-Fi antenna Yes 6.1.6 05.16.08 Yes
iPhone 3GS N88AP MB715LL 16GB Without battery No 4.1 05.16.08 Yes
iPhone 3GS N88AP MB716 16GB Old BootROM iPhone 3GS Yes 5.1 05.16.08 Yes
iPhone 4 N90AP MB715LL 16GB Broken Wi-Fi antenna and front camera. Yes 7.1.2 04.12.09 Yes
iPhone 4 N90AP MD198C 8GB Yes 7.1.2 04.12.09 Yes
iPhone 4 N92AP MD146LL 8GB Yes 7.1.2 3.0.04 Yes
Original iPad K48AP MC497LL 64GB Yes 5.1.1 7.11.01 Yes