Hi my name is Gary, I'm an active Computer repair Tech (Apple & PC) in Rhode Island i'm also an iDevice user and fanatic.

Contact info: Email - or

MSN Messenger (I rarely use it)

Devices I own:

Apple iPhone 2G 16GB (Bootrom 596.24)

Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB (New Bootrom)

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Black MC135LL (Old Bootrom) (Serial# 85928WTE***)

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Black MB715LL (New Bootrom) (Serial# 5K027GZD***)

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Black MC136LL (Old Bootrom) (Serial# 859380LZ***)

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB White (Old Bootrom 596.24 & 5.8 BL)

Apple iPad 2 WIFI Rev.2 White

Apple iPhone 5S White/Gold T-Mobile

Various other Apple Products, PC's and Devices