This is Thomas Tempelmann.

Software developer since the early 80s.

In the old times, I reverse engineered a few things such as the Commodore 1541's DOS, then wrote F-Copy and a Fast Loader based on it. I also cracked a money gambing machine in Germany (see story). Wrote Templemon, a machine level debugger for the Atari ST, created one of the first virtual machines (MagiCMac, to run Atari ST apps on a Mac), have a lot of experience with various file system formats, helped with the iPodLinux project for a while, helping to make a nicer boot loader that also supports HFS, and much more. Nowadays I'm a rather lazy programmer, preferring REALbasic over low level coding for my projects that involve any UI. Yet, I still write apps for iOS and keep doing embedded work.

I'm also a quite difficult person to many due to my insistance in "correctness" about anything I get involved with. And I like to get involved with everything. Sorry. Consider it a German treat ;^)