Hi guys! I am just a normal iDevice+Jailbreaking fan who has basic knowledge of how iOS works. I live in Vancouver, B.C. I think that is all I will tell at the moment...

List of My devices

I see many others doing this, maybe I should as well...

Device Color Capacity Model(MXXXXXX/A) Model (A1XXX) Version Jailbroken? Works? Will I keep it? Comments
iPod touch 5G Blue 32GB MD717C/A A1421 6.? No Should be... Yes Never opened
iPod touch 6G Gold 32GB MKHT2VC/A A1574 8.4(12H143) Yes Yes Yes Just love it!
iPhone 4 Black 16GB MC603C/A A1332 4.2.1 (8C148) Yes Yes Yes
iPhone 4s White 16GB MD239C/A A1387 8.4.1(12H321) No Yes No
iPhone 5s Space Grey 32GB ME435CH/A A1528 9.3.2(13F69) No Yes Yes
iPhone SE Rose Gold 64GB MLXQ2VC/A A1723 9.3.3 beta (13G12) No Yes Yes My friend bought me the wrong color...
Model OS CPU RAM GPU Owned Since Working? Getting Rid of it?