Hi, I'm Trevor. I am known on Twitter as @trsvsr and /u/T_Dogg_94 on Reddit. Most of the time I like to make things related to iOS, contributing to CoolBooter with CoolBooter Untetherer and contributing to the iDeviceReRestore project.

iOS devices

Device Variant Color Storage Firmware Jailbroken? Notes
iPhone 3GS (Old BootROM) iPhone2,1 Black 32GB 5.1.1 Yes N/A
iPhone 3GS (New BootROM) iPhone2,1 Black 8GB 4.3.3 First iPhone I've had (as an iPod)
iPhone 4 iPhone3,2 Black 7.1.2 First actual phone I've had
iPhone 4S iPhone4,1 Black 9.0.2 N/A
iPhone 4S iPhone4,1 White 16GB 8.4.1 N/A
iPhone 4S iPhone4,1 Black 32GB 6.1.3 My secondary testing device when the 5 is not sufficient
iPhone 5 iPhone5,2 White 16GB 9.3.3 My main testing device - has blobs from Apple's downgrade fiasco
iPhone 5s iPhone6,1 Space Gray 32GB 10.3.3 Downgraded to 10.3.3 using checkm8
iPhone SE iPhone8,4 Rose Gold 128GB 14.2 Main device