De Rebus Antiquis

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De Rebus Antiquis
Vulnerability in iBoot second-stage loader
Vulnerable versions? - 1940.10.58~132
Disclosed10 May 2018
Discovered byxerub

De Rebus Antiquis (DRA) is an exploit in the iBoot of iOS 7 that abuses a recursive stack overflow bug. It can be set up to run untethered by creating an HFS partition containing the exploit code and setting the device's NVRAM to read it on boot. With the proper tools, this can be used to achieve untethered downgrades and jailbreaks on any 32-bit device you have iOS 7.x SHSH blobs saved for. This is especially useful on the iPhone 4. It is not available on 64-bit devices and was patched in iOS 8.

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