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Recovery Mode Controller

From The Apple Wiki

Recovery Mode Controller is a program created by blackthund3r to assist people with getting iPhone or iPod touch into recovery mode and out again.

Main Window


Recovery Mode Controller, though created in VB.Net uses other open source tools to enter and exit recovery mode. These are:

  • iPHUCWin32 uses iTunesMobileDevice to run AMDeviceEnterRecovery
  • iTunnel by msftguy for exiting (AMRecoveryDeviceSetAutoBoot)
  • iRecovery and libUSB should iTunnel fail (iTunnel method is still in beta)


There are two flavours of Recovery Mode Controller:

Standalone Version

This is the self-executable edition and requires no installation. Just double-click and it loads. However, as it all works in %temp% it has to be re-extracted each time it is loaded. This increases loading times.

Installation Version

This version has an installer that, not only installs Recovery Mode Controller properly, but also sets up libUSB for you allowing you to use iRecovery and the old way of exiting recovery mode should the new way fail you. As of yet this is yet to install the C++ redistributables but that may come in a next update. This version also sports faster loading times. The first time, however, will be a bit slower as some Apple files are copied to the Recovery Mode Controller installation directory

Where to get it

Recovery Mode Controller can be downloaded from blackthund3r's Website [Archived 2010-08-30 at the Wayback Machine] More information can also be found there. Just click 'Downloads' then 'Recovery Mode Controller'