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SysCfg also known as System Configuration is a partition on the NAND found on iOS devices.

It stores the Serial Numbers and Calibrations of hardware of the device, and the Software Behaviour bits.

It is a dictionary-like structure with each entry having a 4-byte (32-bit) key (Ex: SrNm).

With an AppleInternal image called Diags, that is found on EVT / DVT / PVT devices, this data can be modified and reflashed.

A smart programmer may be able to use a jailbreak and write a controller around this partition to do the same.

A Chinese iOS device generally has limitations as defined by the Software Behaviour bits and the Region, modifying these in the SysCfg may remove them.


key description type
AICl Accelerator Interrupt Calibration Data
ARot Accelerator Orientation Calibration Data
ASCi ---? calibration data Data
ASCl Accelerator Sensitivity Calibration Data
BCAL Bluetooth Taurus Calibration Data
BCAR BackCamera Autofocus Recalibration Data
BCMB Back Camera Module Board Data
BCMS Back Camera Module Serialnumber String
BLCl Backlight Calibration Data
BMac Bluetooth Mac Address Data (mac address)
BTRx Bluetooth Reception Calibration Data
BTTx Bluetooth Transmission Calibration Data
Batt Battery Serial Number String
CBAT Charget input limit calibration Data
CDCC Compass hilow calibration Data
CGSp Coverglass type Data (binary-hex)
CLHS Housing Color Data
CLCG Coverglass Color Data
CSCM Compass Sensor Calibration Data
CVCC Compass VBUS Compensation Data
DBCl Display Backlight Compensation Data
DClr Device color Data
DTCl Display Temperature Calibration Data
EMac Ethernet Mac Address Data (mac address)
FCMB Front Camera Module Board Data
FCMS Front Camera Module Serialnumber String
FDAC Orb Dynamic Accelerator Calibration Data
FG2G WiFi Calibration Frequency Group 2G Data
GICl Gyro Interrupt Calibration Data
GLCl Gamma Tables Calibration Data
GRot Gyro Orientation Calibration Data
GSCi Gyro Sensitivity Matrix Inverse Data
GSCl Gyro Sensitivity Calibration Data
GTCl Gyro Trim Calibration
GYTT Gyro Temp. Calibration Data
LCM# Liquid Crystal Monitor Serialnumber (LCD) Data??
LSCI Ambient Lightsensor Calibration Data
LTAO Low Temperature Accelerator Offset Data
MLB# Main Logicboard Serialnumber String
MdlC Murata WiFi Configuration String
Mod# Model number String
MtCl Multitouch Calibration Data
MtSN Multitouch Serialnumber String
NFCl Stockholm NFC Calibration Data
NSrN Touch-ID Serial Number Data (hex-encoded string)
NoCl ---? Calibration Data
NvSn Apple SandDollar SerialNumber Data
OFCl Orb Force Calibration Data
OrbC Orb Calibration Data
OrbG Orb Gap Calibration Data
PACV ---? Data
PrCL Pearl calibration Data
PRSq ---? Data
PRTT Pressure Temperature compensation Table Data
PxCl Proximity Calibration Data
RMd# Regulatory Model Number String
RxCL Rosaline Calibration Data
Regn Region code String
SPPO Pressure Offset Calibration Data
SpCl Speaker Calibration Data
SrNm Device Serialnumber String
STRB Camera Strobe Color Calibration String
SwBh Software Behaviour Bits Data
TCal Audio Actuator Calibration Data
VBCA Speaker Configuration Data
VBST Speaker Configuration Data
VPBR Speaker Configuration Data
W24R Wifi Receiver 2.4Ghz Calibration Data
WCAL Wifi Calibration Data
WMac Wifi mac address Data (mac address)
WRxT Wifi Receiver temp. Calibration Data