I have never liked writing profiles/bios, but here goes:

Welcome to my simple yet complex mind. I like eating and sleeping, I program in various languages and I love the visual style Apple used during the Jobs/Forstall era. I still call Apple’s desktop operating system “Mac OS X”, prefer FreeBSD over Linux, happily spend time on helping people escape the terror of the flat design, refuse to put commas and full stops before a closing quotation mark unless the entire sentence is in quotes, and sometimes have very strong opinions on topics that most people consider insignificant (occasionally I write rants like this, but I never bite – in fact there isn’t an app for remote biting either, at least not one that supports iOS 6). My username simply means “guest” and is thus often taken. It was not very well thought out, I admit that, but it does not matter since I only use it on Reddit and here. I no longer choose usernames that end in 92, because apparently people stop doing that when reaching their 20s (except on sketchy forums for some reason). I am a very principled person, except when I am not. Actually I usually also consider myself a pragmatic person and an ideologist. Being consistent is perhaps the most important principle.

iPhone wasn’t a thing when I started programming (not outside Jobs’ circles anyway), so I wasted spare time on programming for Windows (Notepad clones and other useless stuff). Thus I am relatively new to the world of advanced iOS, but bloating the user database was not the intention of registering an account here. I hope to contribute with something, especially in the field of downgrading / firmware bundles.

Personal projects

Below is a list of projects I am working on (and plan to work on). I put them in a table inside a table to save space.

My personal iOS/jailbreak related projects
Colour: codes   Active   Inactive
Project Description Status Future
ASR patcher Compatible with iOS 4 to 10 Mostly done; first beta Add getopt, fix known memleaks
iBEC patcher Automatic iBEC patcher
(kernelcache offsets could be entered manually or determined automatically)
Working prototype for iOS 6-10 with gotos, must be reorganized Based upon HaniAG’s excellent tutorial;
assembling a full bundle generator remains
iBSS patcher Automatic iBSS patching Accidentally made superfluous by the iBEC patcher
iOS 6 theme for iOS 7 to 10 Replacement theme that supports iOS 9.x/10.x and Anemone.
Will only use stock icons and carefully reconstructed @3x versions.
Settings icons done; on hold until I can dual boot iOS 8.4 Finish 3rd party icons and stock icons.
@3x will have the lowest priority
SHSH splitter Scripts that split TinyUmbrella .shsh files,
identify versions and submit blobs to Cydia
Working, but not yet a worthy replacement for SHSHaker Various tweaks
Python for iOS Followed some instructions and compiled Python for iOS, v. 2.7.12 Available on; 2.7.13 fat binary ready, but unpublished Make a deb of 2.7.13 and put it up somewhere
Cydia in Bokmål Bokmål translation for Cydia Available here
tfp0 tester A tool to test if a so-called tfp0 patch is enabled CLI only, thus not very useful
(advanced users probably know already)
Has evolved into a more general info app and SHSH blob manager
Create a GUI so simple that anybody can use it.
Might include some other information to make it more useful.
Branch calculator A branch (B) instruction calculator for ARMv7 assembly.
Saves time when creating patches.
A Mac OS X GUI tool
(reuses code already written for the ASR patcher)
Reverse calculation
iOS filesystem manager A free file manager for iOS. Filza does not work on iOS 6 :(
Advanced calculator Because the default iOS calculator is useless for programming use.
The desktop version also lacks a couple of things.
Character map Something like Charmap on Windows Project created in March 2011, not much progress since then
Visualize SHSH brute force Create some kind of visualization that demonstrates how hard it is to
brute force SHSH blobs / signing keys
OdysseusOTA2 bundles The missing bundles for OdysseusOTA2 Link I need feedback!


I have owned various devices. I put some of them in this table inside a table, with their bullet point list style biographies in collapsed table inside the inner table. Don’t you just love nested tables?

My devices
Colour: codes   Own   Sold
Device Operating System State Story
iPhone5,2 iOS 6.1.4
(BB 08.02.00)
  • Jailbroken
  • Dual booted with 8.4
Replaced an old Nokia
Full story
  • Shipped with iOS 6.0.
  • Saved 6.1.4 blobs before updating to 7.0. Regretted updating every single second since I learned that the
    SHSH replay method had been obsolete for a couple of years.
  • Still installed every 7.x update in desperate hope for a change towards the better, only to be let down.
  • Had to replace the lock button right before 8.0 came out. The reseller would/could not help me restore to 6.1.4.
  • I upgraded to 8.0, thinking it could not get any worse. It did, the performance was terrible.
  • Jailbroke so that at last I could have the icons replaced.
  • Stayed on 8.1.2 for many months before updating to 8.4, a surprisingly good version to be honest (still ugly though).
  • Another fatal decision was made when I updated to 9.0.2.
  • Being the last 32-bit version to receive a jailbreak while still signed, I had no other option but staying.
  • I did for some 18 months before I left it (good riddance) for iOS 9.2.1 and 10.3.
  • Did not like 10.3, so I went back to 9.2.1
    (I was scared to death when restoring to 9.3.2 failed, but apparently I had not entered DFU Mode correctly)
  • Got from 9.2.1 to 9.3.2, played around trying to get back to 9.0.2 because I missed having an untethered jailbreak.
  • It worked, except that I messed up the baseband parameters.
  • Tried 8.4, but the bundle was broken.
  • Got tired and downgraded to 6.1.4. A 3,5 year long nightmare finally came to an end. I am now immortal and invincible
  • Of course I have already been forced to restore twice (once to 9.2.1 and once to 10.3.1, then 9.2.1) because I
    messed up something, so I’m actually on 6.1.4 for the fourth time.
iPad2,2 iOS 6.1.3
(BB 04.12.05)
  • Jailbroken
  • Can display recipes for delicious cakes
Replaced an iPad1,1
Full story
  • Shipped with iOS 4.3. Without saving blobs I stayed updated until 6.1.3.
  • I saved blobs and kept it on 6.1.3 until I decided to jailbreak it in March 2016.
  • That failed, so it was in a bootloop for about a year.
  • In April 2017 I had it restored to 9.2.1 (for unknown reasons I luckily saved a couple of 9.x blobs).
  • OTA downgraded to 8.4.1, updated to 9.3.1, and then went back to 9.2.1.
  • When I was done playing, I downgraded to 6.1.3, jailbroke it and restored backed up data.
iPhone7,2 iOS 10.3.1
(BB 05.51.00)
  • Unjailbroken
  • Runs apps that no longer work on iOS 8.4
Secondary device
  • Second-hand device
  • Restored using the last iPhone5,2 backup I made before downgrading to 6.1.4
MacBookPro11,3 Mac OS X 10.9.5
Windows 7 SP1
Specced to last a decade and shipped
right before Yosemite was launched.
  • Replaced a MacBookPro8,1
  • Updated from 10.9.4 to 10.9.5
(That’s it. Storytime’s over, you can go home now :/)
FSC Amilo Pa 1510 FreeBSD 10.3
Windows 7 SP1
Windows Vista SP2
For testing
  • Replaced an Amilo D1840W that overheated
  • HDD wore out after three years. Replaced it with a 32 GB SSD
iPad1,1 iOS 5.1.1
(BB 07.11.01)
  • Went to just about every Apple Store in California in June/July 2010 to get one
  • Originally I wanted the WiFi-only model, but was only able to find the 3G model
  • Sold it when the iPad 2 came out, but consider buying it back since it is unused
MacBookPro8,1 Mac OS X 10.6.8
Mac OS X 10.9.5
  • My first Mac (shipped with Mac OS X 10.6.6), replaced the Amilo
  • Sold it a few months after buying the new one, may buy it back in a few years

Þe Tale of My Username

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