I'm just a media student who likes to mess around with iDevices! Also the first person to bring A7 10.3.3 OTA downgrades to the masses =)

Have been jailbreaking since iOS 4.x, back on my old iPod Touch 4th Gen, but only started being involved in the community and releasing things around September/October 2019

Twitter - @mosk_i

Github - @MatthewPierson


Device Variant Storage iOS Currently Jailbroken? Used for
iPhone 4s N94AP 16GB 6.x-9.x No Mostly iCloud locked or just in parts/not working. Could make around 4-5 4s's if I actually wanted to
iPhone 5 N42AP 16GB 7.0.4 Yes Used for De Rebus Antiquis stuff
iPhone 5s N53AP 16GB 10.3.3 Yes Was used for testing 10.3.3 OTA downgrades, until the home button broke
Yes Main device for testing 10.3.3 downgrades and tethered 12.x and 11.x downgrades
iPhone 6 N61AP 16GB 12.4.1 Yes Is useless for now, has awful battery
iPhone 6s N71mAP 64GB 13.0 Yes Old old main phone, is used to test SEP compatibility when new iOS versions are released
iPhone 7 Plus D11AP 256GB 13.3 Yes Old main phone, is used as a test device for tethered downgrades. Also is my backup phone if my main dies
D111AP 128GB 12.2 Yes iCloud locked board, bypassed and used to test older dualboots
iPhone X D22AP 256GB 13.3 Yes Is IMEI blacklisted in my country, but I have bypassed this (method is not public). Bought it to repair and use as main phone but seller didn't tell me it was IMEI blacklisted =(
iPhone 11 N104AP 64GB 13.5 Yes Current main device, only arm64e device I have currently
iPad (6th generation) J71bAP 128GB 13.3 Yes Great iPad, used mostly for reading or watching videos. Love it