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XPwn is a cross-platform, command line implementation of PwnageTool, and is currently being maintained by planetbeing. XPwn currently supports Windows, OS X, and GNU/Linux.


XPwn consists of many utilities:

  • dfu-util is like idevice, but does not depend on the MobileDevice Library, using libusb instead.
  • dmg allows decrypting and encrypting of the root file system
  • hdutil allows image files to be edited
  • hfsplus allows the root file system and the ramdisks to be edited
  • idevice is a utility for Windows that guides the user into DFU Mode and then sends the exploit
  • ipsw creates the patched IPSW
  • itunespwn is a Windows utility that replaces a file in %APPDATA%\Apple Computer\Device Support allowing the exploit to be uploaded by iTunes when the device is in DFU Mode
  • xpwn is a utility that allows the bootlogo + recovery logo of an IPSW to be changed
  • xpwntool allows decrypting and patching of firmware files

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