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Beehind is a tool created by Italian developer Andrea Bentivegna, using winocm's kloader to downgrade 32-bit iOS devices. It is a Windows-only counterpart to Odysseus and OdysseusOTA, but it also includes a GUI.

How it works[edit]

Beehind uses the same methods as OdysseusOTA for over-the-air downgrades, where kloader loads a decrypted image and allows you to bootstrap a pwned iBSS which initiates a restore to a custom IPSW. For other downgrades, Beehind uses iFaith's method of downgrading. According to the developer, future versions of Beehind will adopt Odysseus's methods for a more stable downgrade.


Beehind only works on some jailbroken 32-bit devices with an untether that has tfp0 enabled. The latest versions of TaiG, Pangu9, Pangu8, Pangu, evasi0n7, and evasi0n all have tfp0 activated.

For OTA downgrades, the baseband is reflashed. Otherwise the baseband is not touched.[reference needed] If you go too far up or down with iOS version, it may be that the version of iOS you restored to does not understand the baseband left behind by the prior version of iOS. If that happens, you will not get past activation and you cannot re-jailbreak the device. As a consequence, the device will remain in activation limbo and you'll have to restore to a currently signed version of iOS before trying again (A6: beware of activation problems when downgrading 10.x to 9.x or lower; restore to 9.x using iDeviceReRestore and saved blobs if possible and the if the device hasn’t seen iOS 10).


In general, A5 devices released in 2011 can be OTA downgraded to iOS 6.1.3. These are:

  • iPad2,1
  • iPad2,2
  • iPad2,3
  • iPhone4,1 (except some models produced after the release of iOS 7 are not compatible)

This excludes these models: the 2012 iPad 2 (iPad2,4), all iPad mini 1 models (iPad2,5, iPad2,6 and iPad2,7) and the 5th gen iPod touch (iPod5,1).

Other downgrades:

  • TBA