Hello, I am Noah Scott. I am interested in all things computers. I am currently interested mostly in iOS, and Crypto Currency.

My iOS Devices

Type Variant iOS Jailbroken? Status Info
iPhone 3GS N88AP 4.0 Yes Experimental Old BR device & currently shattered + missing.
iPhone 4 N92AP 7.1.2 Yes Experimental iCloud Locked
iPhone 4S N94AP 6.1.3 Yes Experimental Close to mint
iPhone 5 N/A 8.4.1 Yes Experimental Broken Power Button
iPhone 5 N/A N/A No No Boot/Shattered Screen Maybe iOS 6.x.x
iPhone 5 N/A 7.0.4 No Shattered Screen I wish this was a 5C
iPhone 5c N/A 10.3.3 Yes Experimental My First iPhone
iPhone 5s N/A 9.3.5 No Experimental Refurbished
iPhone 5s N/A 10.1.1 Yes Experimental Refurbished
iPhone 5s N/A 11.x No Sister's Phone Now. First jailbroken iPhone I had
iPhone 6 N61AP 11.2.2 No Experimental Boot-Looped
iPhone 6 N61AP 11.1 Yes Experimental Nothing Special
iPhone 6 N56AP 11.1 Yes Experimental Nothing Special
iPhone 6s Plus N66AP 11.2 No Main Device Semi-Good battery
iTouch 2G N72AP 3.1.3 Yes Music First iPod I owned
iPad (5th generation) J72sAP 11.0.1 Yes Family Device No Working Anemone Themes

And I have my MacBook Air late 2014, and my custom PC I built that has: 16GB ram, 4TB harddrive, 256 SSD, GTX 1070, Core i7 6700.


  • None ATM.


  • Discord: SYP_VViper#1915