Project Sandcastle

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Project Sandcastle
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OS familyAndroid (Linux-based)
Working stateInactive
Source modelOpen source
Initial release6 March 2020; 4 years ago[1]
Final previewSandcastle AOSP 10.0.0_r3 / 6 March 2020; 4 years ago[1]
Package managerPackage Installer
Kernel typeMonolithic (Linux)

Project Sandcastle is a proof-of-concept released by the Corellium iOS device emulator project that successfully boots Android on A10-based devices. The project released a port of Android 10, named Sandcastle AOSP, along with a build of Linux, that can be dual-booted on an iPhone 7 or iPod touch (7th generation) via the checkm8 exploit.[1][2]

The project was unveiled during a time that Corellium found itself in a lawsuit with Apple over claims that the Corellium emulation service violates its copyright over iOS. The name is a reference to breaking out of the sandbox Apple devices force its users into.[1] The project is positioned as a successor to iDroid, given that Corellium co-founders David Wang and Chris Wade were part of the original iDroid team.[3]

It has not seen any activity since 8 March 2020, shortly after its initial 6 March 2020 release.

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