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Serial Wire Debug, also known as SWD, is a electrical interface that is able to debug processors in a device. In iDevices, the connections that allow this debugging is only available when the SoC has a CPFM which is lower than 0x01, or if the device is demoted. This page lists the SWD probes that can interact with the connections and therefore debug the device, if they meet one of the previous conditions.

Known iDevice SWD Probes

  • AstrisSWD (Software probe for FPGA devices)
  • PersiesSWD (Software probe for FPGA devices)
  • SimulatorSWD (Software probe)
  • ViewSWD (Software probe for DAQ, connects to PerseisSWD)
  • GorillaSWD (30 pin probe)
  • MiniSWD
  • KongSWD (Lightning probe)
  • KanziSWD (Lightning probe)
  • KobaSWD (Lightning probe, for A14 and above)
  • FlamingoSWD (A prototype version of the Serial Number Reader cable, is also known as FireSWD)
  • ChimpSWD (USB-C probe)
  • KIS-SWD (Software probe, only available with A12 and above)
  • Koko (Support board for interacting with Apple Watch Series 6, not a full probe.) [1]
  • PoodleSWD
  • ParrotSWD (Wireless probe for interacting with Apple Watch Series 7) [2]
  • BitboxSWD
  • PortBridgeSWD
  • EmulatorSWD
  • HIDBridgeSWD

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