DownBB is a tool that allows the user to downgrade the iPhone 3G Baseband from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00 with the Baseband Bootloader 5.8.

Will Not

This tool will not work with BL 5.9 or the newly reported 6.0.2.


Exploit: Geohot and iPhone Dev Team
Patch Implementation: Geohot
Script: EvilPenguin|


DownBB - by James. (a.k.a. EvilPenguin|).

How To

To run DownBB, you must first put my *temp* repo in cydia sources:

          soon to be on bigbosses as well

Download "DownBB"

          Open MobileTerminal
          type "DownBB"    -without the ""

- if you do not have MoileTerminal, you can download it or ssh.

BootLoader Check

To check your bootloader version, install minicom and run at+xgendata (see Baseband Commands for more info)

Download links

  • dunno if i want to put it up yet
  • you will then have to ssh it all into the iphone
  • and then depk -i the .deb file