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The Fallen Sn0wflake :)
The Fallen Sn0wflake :)


I'm a Windows programmer and a member of iH8sn0w's Dev Team.
Got a very high interest of Computers thats how i started with programming and stuff like it.
Then I got my first iPhone late 2007 and I decided to be more than a "iPhone User" because this device could do alot more than Apple wants it to and so I became a Developer, people may consider it as a "iDevice Hacker".


Device Color Memory (GBs) Comments Works Arrival Firmware
iPhone 4 Black 32 Absolutely my favourite iDevice, I love it! Yes 2010-08-05 4.1
iPhone 2G Silver 8 It was a Monster when I first got it. No Late 2007 3.0 (I think)
iPhone 3G Black 8 I had a white one too, but I sold both. (one to my dad) Yes Middle of 2008 2.2.1
iPod touch 2G Chrome 8 It's well used :) Yes Christmas, 2009 3.1.2


Maker of programs

All my programs are open-sourced and available on GitHub.