Hi, I'm Campbell! (Though I usually go by NinjaCheetah everywhere online.) Interested in what I do? Check out my website and my GitHub!

Programming Languages I "know"

  • C# (I don't use it much anymore though because I mostly ditched Windows)
  • C (still working on it, I especially like making cross-platform apps)
  • Swift (usually paired with SwiftUI)
  • Python (for Discord bot stuff)

Operating Systems I use:

iOS devices

Device Variant Color Storage Firmware Jailbroken? Notes
iPad (3rd generation) iPad3,2 Space Grey 64GB 8.4.1 Yes Downgraded to 8.4.1 to jailbreak with EtasonJB. Dualbooted with InternalUI build 11B554a. Has some visual bugs since that's for the iPad 2 which does not have a retina display but otherwise works fine.
iPad (8th generation) iPad11,6 Space Grey 128GB Latest compatible No Daily driver iPad. Currently running iOS 15 betas.
iPod touch (2nd generation) iPod2,1 Silver 8GB 4.1 Yes Kinda running InternalUI build 8B117. Haven't properly installed it so I just copied files in. Some stuff works, some doesn't. Will probably do a proper install at some point.
iPod touch (7th generation) iPod9,1 Space Grey 32GB Latest compatible No Was jailbroken for a while but then I had battery drain issues and removed everything. Now belongs to my sister and runs the latest iOS 15 version.
iPhone 3GS iPhone2,1 Black 16GB N/A No Was very dead when I got it, it's now an art project. I disassembled it all the way and arranged the pieces in a shadow box that's now on my wall.
iPhone 5c iPhone5,3 White 32GB 10.3.3 Yes Used for running 32-bit iOS apps. Dualbooted with InternalUI build 11A465.
iPhone SE (2nd generation) iPhone12,8 Product(RED) 64GB Latest compatible No Daily driver iPhone. Currently running the iOS 16 developer betas.


Device Variant Color Storage macOS Version RAM Notes
MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) MacBook Pro9,2 Silver 500GB SSD Monterey (Latest revision) 8GB (2x4GB) Daily driver Mac/laptop in general. Equipped with Xcode and Logic Pro (with every instrument downloaded) which is the only reason I upgraded it to a 500GB SSD. Runs Monterey via OpenCore Legacy Patcher (latest natively supported is Catalina).
MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010) MacBook7,1 White Polycarbonate 500GB SSD Big Sur (Latest revision) 6GB (1x2GB, 1x4GB) Previous daily driver that I don't really use anymore due to the lack of a metal-compatible GPU, which makes it painful to use for a lot of tasks. Runs Big Sur via OpenCore Legacy Patcher (latest natively supported is High Sierra).

Android devices

Device Color ROM Size Firmware Bootloader unlocked? Carrier locked? Notes
Motorola DROID RAZR (XT912) Black 16GB LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1) No Yes Mostly just use this for playing old games or messing around with Android. Managed to get LineageOS 14.1 installed in the stock slot without an unlocked bootloader via SafeStrap.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Black 16GB Android 5.0.1 No Yes Bootloader is not unlockable whatsoever (thanks Verizon). Unfortunately it can only be unlocked through an exploit that only works on Android 4.3, so this just sits around on stock Android as a paperweight.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Rose Gold 32GB(?) Android 8.x No Yes Same deal as the S4; its a Verizon model so the bootloader can't be unlocked in any way. Installed carrier unlocked firmware and de-bloated so that it runs at a usable speed. Unfortunately no root either.