Yukon 17A508

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Yukon 17A508
Build of iOS 13.0
Build number17A508
Compile Date2019/06/02
iBoot VersioniBoot-5540.
Kernel VersionDarwin Kernel Version 19.0.0: Sun Jun 2 20:13:00 PDT 2019; root:xnu_development-6110~31/DEVELOPMENT_ARM64_T8015
Baseband Version4.03.01 (Mav17, installed in dump) 6.03.00 (Mav16), 2.50.12 (Ice17), 3.50.08 (Ice16)
Supported DevicesiPhone 7, iPhone 8 (device that this build originated from)

Basic Info

Yukon 17A508 is an internal build of iOS 13, which was dumped off of an iPhone 8 DVT prototype. A modified copy of this build, with improper permissions, was uploaded on May 12th of 2020.[1] A properly-dumped copy is known to exist but remains unleaked as of 2023.


This build references to an accessory called "B389", this is the codename for AirTags. It also refrences "D79" which is the codename of the iPhone SE 2020 model.


This builds internal apps
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