GoldenGate 20A2261g

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GoldenGate 20A2261g
Build of macOS 11 (10.16 as of this build's time)
Build number20A2261g
iBoot VersioniBoot-6450.
Kernel VersionDarwin Kernel Version 20.0.0: Tue Apr 21 21:12:19 PDT 2020; root:Bridge_xnu-6940.
Supported DevicesDTK (non-production model), DTK (2020), among others listed in this article

GoldenGate 20A2261g is a macOS NonUI build, first found on a prototype DTK (2020)[1].

This is the only known and leaked NonUI build of macOS, and is the earliest known build of macOS Big Sur, as well as being the first known build of macOS running on ARM64e.

This build contains a large amount of internal applications, tools, and kernels for the T8020, T8027, T8101, T8103, and T600x processors, and has kernels for the following devices: