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Hi, I'm Alfie. I enjoy working with jailbreaks and iOS security as a hobby, both on newer devices (mainly an A10X iPad Pro) and older ones (such as my iPhone 3GS, which I have running a custom firmware using 24kpwn).

At the moment, I’m daily driving an iPhone 14 Pro and an Apple Watch SE.

My devices

Device Variant Storage iOS Currently Jailbroken? Used for Comment
iPhone 3GS N88AP 32GB 3.1.3 Yes Older jailbreak stuff (custom firmwares, BootROM exploits) Jailbroken with CFW, old BootROM so using 24kpwn
iPhone 4S N94AP 16GB 8.4.1 Yes Dual-booted with CoolBooter to iOS 6.1.6
iPad mini P107AP 16GB 9.3.5 Yes
iPhone 5 N42AP 16GB 8.4.1 Yes Dualboots
iPhone 5s N51AP 32GB 12.5.4 Yes Doesn't have a screen anymore...
iPhone 6 N61AP 16GB 12.5.4 Yes checkra1n and checkm8 experimentation Needs a new battery
iPhone 7 Plus D111AP 64GB 14.8 No Collection Has a board issue so doesn't charge or recognise battery
iPad (6th generation) J71bAP 64GB 16.1 No Won't power on, probably needs a new battery
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) J207AP 256GB 14.8 Yes All main jailbreak-related projects and checkm8 experimentation Considering updating to latest version to work with newer open-source jailbreaks
iPhone 8 D201AP 64GB 15.6 (unsure) No Collection Water damaged and doesn't turn on
iPad Air (3rd generation) J217AP 64GB 15.5 No School Enrolled in MDM
iPhone 11 N104AP 64GB 16.2 Beta 2 No Nothing, waiting for jailbreak-related tool No Face ID, touchscreen doesn't work, replacement battery is not good
iPhone 11 N104AP 64GB 16.1.1 No No Face ID, smashed screen; used to be on iOS 14.0.1 but bootlooped a few weeks ago :(
iPhone 14 Pro D73AP 128GB 16.5 Beta 1 No Main device No plans to jailbreak


I'm no expert, but I like to update the wiki when I can - because I used to spend a lot of time reading the iPhoneWiki to learn about jailbreak-related things - so I want to ensure that up-to-date and detailed information is available to anyone new to the scene.

If you have any questions, my Twitter is @alfiecg_dev. Please don't hesitate to message me!

  1. ^ Device table idea from Orangera1n, thanks!