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hey there i'm Daniel, i am an autistic nerd who has a fascination with iOS devices.

I contribute what i can to this wiki, as it's a carefully-crafted masterpiece, just like some apple products. ;P

i can also be found on Twitter, Reddit, and Github, among other places.

Apple Devices[edit source]

Device Motherboard
Color Storage Firmware Jailbroken?[1]
Works? Description
Original [2] Current
iPad Pro (12.9-inch)
(4th generation)
Space Gray 128GB 14.4.1
(unc0ver w/ Fugu14)
Yes My first iPad, finally!
iPhone 12 Pro D53pAP
Gold 14.4
My iPhone 12 Pro, it is my main smartphone since 24 April 2021.
iPhone 8 Plus D21AP
Space Gray 64GB 11.2.2
No My sister-in-law's old iPhone, she upgraded and gave me this device.
iPhone 8 D20AP
No My brother's old iPhone, he got an upgrade and gave me this device.
This was my fourth main smartphone from 7 Aug 2020 until 24 April 2021. it is now a spare device.
iPhone SE
(1st generation)
Rose Gold 16GB 9.3
My third iPhone, my daily device from 16 May, 2019 until 7 Aug 2020.
This is now the device that i fetch s8003 keys with.
iPhone SE
(1st generation)
Space Gray 9.3
The iPhone SE in my stack that still runs iOS 10.3.2
iPhone SE
(1st generation)
Rose Gold 64GB 9.3
The Rare iPhone SE in my stack that still chugs along on iOS 9.3.3
This is also the device i can use to fetch s8000 keys with.
iPhone 5s N51AP
Space Gray 16GB 7.0.4
No the first 5S in my family, and still running iOS 8.4.1!
the only gripe about this firmware is the lack of a jailbreak. bah.
this is the only working iPhone 5s i have left, after my other one broke.
iPhone 5 N42AP
Black and Slate 6.1.3
No The best device in my stack to play with dual-boots and 8.4.1 downgrades!
iPhone 4
White 8GB 6.1.3
Nothing special about these, just a stack of Verizon iPhone 4 devices.
iPhone 4
Black 6.1.3
iPhone 4
Yes Cracked glass, but screen still works.
iPod Touch 4 N81AP
8GB 4.1
Yes Quite frankly my most boring iDevice, but still interesting in it's own right.
Apple Watch Series 3 N111bAP
Space Gray
16GB 4.2
No My mom's old series 3, now in my possession since she got a Series 6.

Notes[edit source]

  1. ^ Yellow "No" means the devices are not currently jailbroken, but can easily be jailbroken at any time.
  2. ^ The Original firmwares are based on the manufacture date of the device through it's serial number.

Other Apple Devices[edit source]

Borrowed Apple Devices[edit source]

Device Motherboard
Color Storage Current Firmware Description
iPhone 7 Plus
PRODUCT RED 128GB 15.4.1 (19E258) This is my older brother's iPhone, before he got his iPhone 11 Pro.

Broken Apple Devices[edit source]

Device Motherboard
Color Storage Firmware Description Cause of death
iPhone 5s N51AP
Space Gray 16GB 12.4
This iPhone was my daily device from 31 Jan, 2015 until 16 May, 2019.
The logic board finally died on 9 June, 2020
The main cause of death was the solder becoming brittle and small parts breaking off the logic board, including the damn power button connector, like wtf?.
TouchID also failed too, as the ribbon cable wore out.
iPhone 4
Black 8GB 7.1.2
this was my very first iPhone and was my daily iPhone until 31 Jan, 2015. this device isn't really "dead", it has no charging dock, the screen is cracked but still works, and the battery is stone-dead, but the logic board is good.

My System and commonly used programs[edit source]

I list this stuff here in case anyone needs good programs or has any curiosity on what i use for computing.

My daily computer is a Toshiba (Dynabook) Satellite L755-S5355

Date of Purchase: 2 December 2011 (yeah, this thing's old.)

I have Upgraded my computer over the 11½ years that i have been using this machine:

Original Upgraded
CPU Intel Pentium B950 Intel Core i7-2760QM
RAM 4GB (2x2GB) Samsung DDR3 PC3-10600S 8GB (2x4GB) Samsung DDR3 PC3L-12800S
STORAGE 500GB Toshiba 5400RPM HDD 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD
OPTICAL Toshiba DVD SuperMulti Drive Panasonic UJ272 Bluray Drive

The most useful programs are listed here:

  • Windows 7 SP1 as my main OS, With pirated extended security updates!
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS as my secondary OS, so i can run checkra1n, ipwndfu and other linux programs using it.
  • Windows 10 as a third OS for testing and doing certain things Windows 7 can't do.
  • Mozilla Firefox as my web browser (extreme customizability!)
  • cURL (Windows) (most commonly used to remotely fetch sizes on ota files)
  • Notepad++ (i wouldn't be caught dead without this program!)
  • 7zip (Extracts almost everything i can throw at it, including IPSW's)
  • img4lib (extracts kernels and other files.)
  • MSYS2✝ (does posix shit on windows and a lot else.)

✝ MSYS2 recently stopped supporting Windows 7 and 8, but it still works for the time being as cygwin still supports Windows 7/8 until version 3.5 is released, at which point i may start running into trouble with MSYS2, but i got Windows 10 on another partition if i need it.

It'll still be fine on Windows 8.1 and up.

The last installer of MSYS2 to support Windows 7 and 8 is 2022-10-28

Video Game Consoles[edit source]

I also have some game consoles, mostly Sony consoles :P

Manufacturer Console Name Model Console Generation Acquired Date Notes
Sony PlayStation 3 CECHL01 7th Gen 31 Dec 2008 The best console i ever owned, period!
PlayStation 2 SCPH-30001 6th Gen 2009 Never read discs, until i cleaned and restored it in 2018. works perfect now!
PlayStation 1 SCPH-5501 5th Gen 2016 Works, but i never use it.
PlayStation Portable PSP-1001 7th Gen 2009 Works, but i don't have many games for it.
Nintendo Wii RVL-001 (USA) 7th Gen 2016 Softmodded to be able to play any rom i want with USBLoaderGX.
Nintendo 64 NUS-001 (USA) 5th Gen 2008 a classic!
Microsoft Xbox 6th Gen 2006 the first game console i owned.
Coleco ColecoVision 2nd Gen 2014 I don't know if this system works,
i have no games to test it with. but i have the enormous power adapter.

Sandbox[edit source]

As i work on the firmware pages here, i sometimes need to experiment with page editing to make the page the best i can make it.

If you want to see what i am working on, use the link below.


Profile Revision: 2023.