TigrisAni 15A93261h

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TigrisAni 15A93261h is an internal non-UI version of iOS 11.0. It has been seen on various iPhone 8 prototype units. Similar to other recent builds, this one has a rather large filesize - a dump of its filesystem is around 9.1 GB.

This build contains kernels for all processors from the A7 onwards, including different processor varieties. It also appears to support the then-unreleased (at the time of being built) processor T8020. The kernel extensions also contain references to T8027, also unreleased at the time of the build. Judging by files in the same directory - these processors seem to be under the codename "Vortex".

iPhone 8 prototype running 15A93261h

This firmware has the kernel version Darwin Kernel Version 17.0.0: Fri Aug 4 04:48:50 PDT 2017; root:xnu_development-4552.

Notable Changes[edit]

This build is known to have various differences compared to previous builds, which will be listed here.

  • T500AP and T501AP - Wi-Fi drivers for these unknown board identifiers can be found in /AppleInternal/Diags/WifiFirmware/ alongside the iPhone 8 (D20AP) and iPhone 8 Plus (D21AP).
  • mach.kasan - apart from the usual mach.development.{Processor Name / Identifier} kernels found within NonUI builds, this build contains kernels with the Kernel Address SANitizer, a tool used to detect bad memory accesses, enabled.
  • Tailspin / Ariadne - A readme file located within /AppleInternal/tailspin references a previously unheard of application known as Ariadne, as well as "tailspin" files. The readme states that "tailspin holds onto 20-30 seconds of historical spindump and Ariadne data, from before the sysdiagnose invocation." The Ariadne application appears to be used for the visualization of these tailspin files.
  • Firmware references - In the same readme - two iOS firmwares are referenced - Tigris 15A221 (an apparent version of iOS 11.0) and Lobo 17A202. Judging by the build number of the latter firmware compared to the standard build number scheme - it seems that this is a future version of iOS that has yet to be released, being newer than iOS 11.
  • Test scripts - Located in AppleInternal/CoreOS/AppleSEP/unit_tests/hilo, these test scripts seem to communicate with the Secure Enclave. The scripts are written to only work on D22AP, the iPhone X, meaning that they may be used to test various sensors in the TrueDepth sensor housing. They contain multiple references to a display module with the codename Hilo.


This firmware contains many applications launchable from SwitchBoard.app, however roughly half of them are hidden by default: