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Alternate Reliability, which is presented simply as "Reliability" on, is an app that is shipped in 8.x-9.x+ builds of SwitchBoard. It has a more modern UI and uses mostly food for icons, so it is known by some as Fruity Reliability. It remains heavily similar to regular Reliability

Contents of the app

The contents of the app is the same as Reliability, with the exception of all the icons being swapped out and possibly an updated executable file.

From this, we can assume the contents of the app is as follows:

_internal_audiojack.png		        _internal_rotterdam.png 
_internal_cover.png			_internal_serial.png
_internal_dockconnector.png		_internal_small_lens.png	 
_internal_ear.png			_internal_speaker.png  
_internal_earpods_active.png		_internal_stockholm.png								
_internal_earpods.png			_internal_strobe.png						
_internal_fingerprint.png		_internal_touchoffset.png						
_internal_headphones.png		_internal_touchzone.png						
_internal_iPhone.png			_internal_vibrator.png						
_internal_lens.png			Info.plist
_internal_lightbulb.png		        Operator-SignedConfig						
_internal_lock_bottom.png		PkgInfo						
_internal_lock_top.png			Reliability-Config									
_internal_mesa.png			ResourceRules.plist						
_internal_nikeplus.png			TestMusic1.mp3												
_internal_pattern.png			TestMusic2.mp3						
_internal_phosphorous.png		TestMusic3.mp3						
_internal_Reliability.png		TestMusic4.mp3	
_internal_rightarrow.png		ZReliability