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iPhone Configuration Web Utility (internally referred to as 'Sparky') is a tool for the creation and distribution of configuration profiles. There are versions for both Mac OS X and Windows, however it has been discontinued. The iPhone Configuration Web Utility allows users to create, import, edit, export and distribute (via e-mail) configuration profiles.

Further Information

It is a Ruby-on-Rails app. It runs on port 3000 by default (accessible at http://localhost:3000/login - default credentials are admin / admin). Settings can be saved, and are stored in an SQLite database.

Only one profile can be edited at a time. The web interface provides no way to revert the profile to default settings, however settings for individual categories may be cleared.

On Windows, it runs a service as the SYSTEM user which spawns the Ruby process. The Windows service is internally named 'SparkyToolService', and has the version 1.0.3108.21898. It requires .NET 2.0 to run. Ruby is bundled, as Windows does not include Ruby, unlike OSX.

The OSX version supports both i386 and PowerPC architectures, and requires a minimum of OSX 10.5.2 to run. It does not support 'tier 3' languages. Its package reports the version Upon installation, it creates a user '_iphoneconfigwebutil' (with a group of the same name), which is used to to run the application.

The Ruby app itself is identical between the different versions. Despite being only used on OSX, both versions included the 'start' bash script.

The initial release was around mid-2008, and identifies itself as 'v100.22'. No further releases were made since then.

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