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Original author(s)Mineek
Initial release8 Jan 2024 (2024-01-08) (1.0.1)
Stable release
1.2.1 / 17 January 2024; 42 days ago
Operating systemiOS
Size14.3 MB
Available inEnglish

Serotonin is a semi jailbreak for any device running iOS 16.0 up to 16.6.1, which is installed via TrollStore. It requires the RootHide bootstrap to be installed via TrollStore.

Release History

Version Date Changes Download
1.0.1 8 January 2024
  • Now supports iOS 16.0-16.6.1 thanks to haxi0 fork and wh1te4ever's kfund. Thanks so much!
  • Support for arm64
  • Boot screen added to replace verbose boot (thanks AlfieCG for the image, palera1n team for bootscreend src)
  • Changed icon
  • Coming later: patchfinder for arm64(e). bye bye, dynamic_info.h!
  • Added patchfinder using tihmstar's libpatchfinder ported to iOS, libiospatchfinder
  • Fixed support for iOS 16.0-16.1.2, 16.6.1 using patchfinder
  • All arm64e devices should work now, as device-specific offsets are no longer needed. ( arm64 will come in a later release. )
1.2.0 13 January 2024


Fixed toggles for reinstalling and uninstalling Serotonin jailbreak

  • Fixed toggle for enabling verbose boot
  • Added toggle for hiding the confidential text, thanks Fiore/Sugiuta

Version support

  • Added kfund kpf, replacing tihmstar's kpf (Thanks to Sora!!! / @jonahnm)
  • This change effectively adds support for arm64 devices and fixes support for iPads.
  • Fixed switchsysbin to run on 16.3.1 and below. If you are on 16.6b1, enable the beta toggle.
  • Fixed M1/2 regression from previous kpf. Now the kbase on these devices should be fixed.
  • Added exploit picker (in simple / old UI)


  • Fix pickers still crashing :frcoal:
  • Add iOS 15 support by adding IOSurface krw + vnode offsets for iOS 15
  • Rootless support
  • System-wide injection into daemons
1.2.1 17 January 2024


  • Fixed memory hogger
  • Fixed exploit picker
  • Fixed launchd entitlements
  • Remove a bunch of unused code
  • Slight UI changes