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Original author(s)tuancc
Initial release22 September 2023; 5 months ago
Stable release
1.0.7 / 21 November 2023; 3 months ago
Operating systemiOS
Size32.8 MB
Available inArabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese

Dopamine-roothide is a Dopamine fork that aims to evade jailbreak detections by implementing the RootHide scheme, which randomizes paths that jailbreak software uses. Other measures are also taken to evade jailbreak detection. It provides a manager app to hide jailbreak from selected apps as well as removing junk files from /var.

Changes compared to Dopamine

  • Removes fakelib
  • Removes bind mount
  • Removes system-wide dyld file patch (uses process-based patch instead)
  • Blacklists certain URL schemes so they can't be detected
  • Unsandboxes systemhook.dylib before it is injected
  • Randomizes systemhook.dylib file name
  • Randomizes /var/jb fixed path
  • Moves bootstrap from /private/preboot to /var
  • More rootless redirections
  • Bootstrap uses libroothide middle layer to convert path
  • Uses iphoneos-arm64e deb arch
  • Adds a blacklist selector app
  • Adds an app to remove junk files from /var

Measures to evade jailbreak detection

  • All bootstrap and jailbreak files are deployed to randomized paths. Data files generated by bootstrap tools are stored randomized paths as the libroothide middle layer randomizes them.
  • Does not use /private/preboot for holding the rootless prefix, as using preboot causes detectable changes even if all paths are randomized
  • No extra filesystems are mounted
  • Processes of blacklisted apps are not modified at all
  • Sets CFFIXED_USER_HOME to random path, as some system frameworks save files relative to this path
  • Redirect jailbreak apps/tweaks use of /var/mobile/Library/Preferences, /var/mobile/Library/SplashBoard/Snapshots and /var/mobile/Library/Application Support/Containers/<bundle id>/Documents/Inbox to random paths
  • uicache registers CFFIXED_USER_HOME, TMPDIR and HOME as directories under random paths
  • Certain common jailbreak URL schemes are hidden from blacklisted apps
  • Aforementioned jailbreak environment variables are not set in blacklisted apps
  • A /var-files cleaner app, to remove files that may trip jailbreak detection from /var (potentially made when using other jailbreaks)

Supported Devices

Release History

Version Date Changes Download
1.0 22 September 2023
  • Initial Release
Dopamine-RootHide-1.0.tipa[Archived 2023-09-22 at the Wayback Machine]
1.0.2 23 September 2023
  • fix for failure to bypass jailbreak detection on some devices.
  • fixed the issue where jailbreak failed on some devices.
  • fixed the issue where the jailbreak success rate could not be displayed correctly.
  • fixed some localized language display issues in RootHideManager.
Dopamine-RootHide-1.0.2.tipa[Archived 2023-10-21 at the Wayback Machine]
1.0.3 30 September 2023
  • Update roothide core to version 0.0.3
  • Fix the problem that some apps may detect jailbreak
  • Update sileo to fix some bugs
  • Update NewTerm to fix LANG warning in perl
  • Fixed the problem of being unable to write to the jailbroken /var/ directory in tweak
  • Fixed panic issue on some devices with many apps installed
  • Fix the problem that environment variables in dopamine are not passed correctly
  • theos-dependencies are now available on roothide
Dopamine-RootHide-1.0.3.tipa[Archived 2023-10-21 at the Wayback Machine]
1.0.4 12 October 2023
  • Add more features of hiding jailbreak
  • Enhance stability when activating jailbreak
  • Fix the issue that some binaries cannot be loaded
  • Fix the issue that xcode cannot connect device after rebooting user space
  • Fixed the issue that safe mode does not work after installing some broken tweaks.
  • Update the built-in sileo and roothide manager packages
  • Full support for the roothide dynamic patches framework
  • Fix the issue that some system processes cannot write to jbroot:/var/
Dopamine-1.0.4.tipa[Archived 2023-10-21 at the Wayback Machine]
1.0.5 20 October 2023
  • Fixed the issue of not being able to respring in some tweak settings
  • Fixed the issue that jailbroken daemons not loaded when disabling tweak injection
  • Fixed the issue that caused the device to reboot when some tweaks crashed
  • This version will work better with the dynamic patching framework
  • Add a rootless compatibility layer to support most rootless tweaks
Dopamine-RootHide-1.0.5.tipa[Archived 2023-10-21 at the Wayback Machine]
1.0.6 27 October 2023
  • Merge the latest code of dopamine
  • Improve performance and stability through improved jit activation timing
1.0.7 21 November 2023
  • Fixed the issue of "Invalid Kernel Stack" causing device panic/reboot
  • Fix the issue that Filza may not be able to install deb file
  • Fix the issue of incorrect return value and error code of exec* apis
  • Fix the issue where frida-server cannot spawn apps
  • Fix the issue that the arm64e binary built by theos on ios cannot run.
  • Update the built-in sileo and rootide manager and roothide-core packages