MusicMatch Jukebox

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MusicMatch Jukebox
Original author(s)MusicMatch, Inc.
Developer(s)Yahoo! Inc.
Initial release5 January 1998; 26 years ago[1]
Final release
10.00.4033 / 6 December 2006; 17 years ago[1]
Operating system
SuccessorYahoo! Music Jukebox
TypeMedia player

MusicMatch Jukebox was a desktop media player developed by MusicMatch, Inc. for Windows and classic Mac OS. In September 2004, Yahoo! Inc. announced the acquisition of MusicMatch Inc., rebranding the software to Yahoo! Music MusicMatch Jukebox. It was replaced by Yahoo! Music Jukebox in 2005, with MusicMatch Jukebox's online services discontinued on 31 August 2007.

iPod Plugin

iPod Manager

Between 17 July 2002 and 16 October 2003, Apple distributed an iPod plugin for MusicMatch Jukebox, allowing Windows users to sync an iPod (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation) over FireWire, and later, USB. It was replaced by iTunes for Windows, which first became available with version 4.1.

The plugin is distributed as an .mmz, a ZIP file-based format that contains installers for:

  • iPod Service: The Windows service that handles communication with an attached iPod. iPod Service continues to be included with iTunes.
  • iPod Manager: A basic program that displays attached iPods, their storage use, allows enabling Disk Mode, allows setting an application to launch when the iPod is connected, and provides a shortcut to launch iPod Updater. iPod Manager starts with Windows and displays an icon in the notification area.
  • iPod Updater: The latest version of iPod Updater is bundled with the plugin, to allow the device to be updated or restored to factory settings.
Version iPod Service Version iPod Manager Version iPod Updater included Release Date Download URL SHA1 Hash File Size Release Notes
2.0 2.0.1 1 July 2003 iPodSetup_v2_web_ENU_1s.mmz[note 1] ebcefaed5dac42bd4628ffb7b2d919ff6524c668 10,927,521 DL1211

System requirements: Windows ME, 2000, XP Home and Pro

  1. ^ Use right click → Save Link As… to save this file, as it is incorrectly served as a plain text file by Apple's servers.