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Initial release26 Sep 2022 (2022-09-26)
Stable release
  • palera1n: 1.4.2 / 16 February 2023; 13 months ago
  • palera1n-c: 2.0.0 beta 9 Update / 6 March 2024; 48 days ago
Operating system
Available inEnglish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Cyrillic), Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese[note 1]

palera1n is both a tethered and a semi-tethered jailbreak for devices vulnerable to the checkm8 bootrom exploit running iOS/iPadOS 15.0-17.3. This jailbreak supports both rootful and rootless modes via an argument (apart from iOS/iPadOS 17, which only officially supports rootless mode).

palera1n Legacy (or 1.x) is deprecated and no longer maintained by it's original authors due to the introduction of palera1n-c (or 2.0.0 beta), which utilizes checkra1n's 0.1337.x builds to boot into pongoOS - however, using its own components (such as binpack, overlay, kpf, fork of pongoOS) to help it boot into the jailbroken state.

Due to the nature of checkra1n, palera1n-c (or 2.0.0) dropped support on making an option for it also to be a tethered jailbreak, unlike palera1n Legacy (1.x) which doesn't use checkra1n.

Supported devices

Note: On A10(X) and A11 devices, the passcode must be disabled while in a jailbroken state. On iOS 16, those SOCs require erasing the device before use. Using palera1n 2.0.0 allows the use of a passcode if on A10(X).

Release History

palera1n (1.x)

Version Date Changes
1.0.0 4 October 2022
  • Initial release
1.1.0 6 October 2022
  • Add blob validation
  • Check if Tips is installed
  • Only prompt for disclaimer once
  • Check for DFU
  • Make ramdisk use device's version
  • Add support for all checkm8 iPad models excluding iPad Pro.
1.1.1 9 October 2022
  • Support iPad beta URLs
  • Make sure auto-boot is always set to false (unless restoring rootfs)
  • Wait for sshd to start before running postboot
  • Fix Tips check error
  • Fix --restorerootfs
1.2.0 16 October 2022
  • Fix deep sleep bug
  • Numerous fixes
  • Let Pogo install tweak support
1.3.0 13 November 2022
  • Fully fix deep sleep bug
  • Support 15.0-15.7.1 on all checkm8 devices
  • Increase stability
  • Fix TrollStore, camera, and screen recording
1.4.0 12 December 2022
  • Does not mount user data partition for iPhone X compatibility, isn't even really needed anymore
  • Deploys files to the rootfs (fakefs if needed)
  • Fix deviceid finding
  • Use apticket.der because dumping rdisk seems to freeze
  • Add /.installed_palera1n with info
  • uicache loader app on boot (no more Tips app hijacking)
  • Fix rootless
  • Webkit fix on 16
  • Switch to local boot
  • Fix home button on iPhone 7(+) and 8(+)
  • Increase stability
  • Supports 15.0-16.2 on all checkm8 devices
1.4.1 18 December 2022
  • ibot.patched fix
  • Use payload on the X
  • use jq --arg for variables
  • fix dfuhelper instructions in phase 2
  • fix removal of existing dsc on fakefs
  • fix developer mode patch
  • fix stderr not going to log file
1.4.2 16 February 2023
  • Add iOS 16.4 support
  • Various fixes
  • Make not directory dependant by @junepark678 in #308
  • Add check for arm64e devices when started from recovery/DFU by @0xallie in #310
  • add note about force reboot after restore rootfs by @0xallie in #312
  • Update payload by @asdfugil in #315
  • fix _kill_if_running for root processes by @0xallie in #321
  • Increasing stability by @vadim-a-yegorov in #322
  • Hide non-error messages from iproxy by @0xallie in #346
  • Add --ipsw option by @0xallie in #347
  • dfuhelper: check if device is already in DFU mode by @0xallie in #348
  • dfuhelper: fail early if device rebooted to normal/recovery mode by @0xallie in #333
  • ensure fs is always set by @0xallie in #331
  • Fix dfuhelper slowness (mainly on macOS) by @0xallie in #351
  • Update and fix some restorerootfs things by @BananaOnGitHub in #350
  • Use curl to check for connection instead of ping by @0xallie in #353
  • Prevent Finder from popping up while palera1n is running by @0xallie in #352

palera1n-c (2.x)

Version Date Changes
2.0.0 beta 1 12 February 2023
  • Initial release
2.0.0 beta 2 13 February 2023
  • Should be able to create fakefs on 16 GB devices on iOS 15 with -B -f
2.0.0 beta 3
  • Fix palera1n-ios entitlements
  • Fix A8(X) fakefs
2.0.0 beta 4 15 February 2023
  • Display an error instead of crashing when the machine has no detected USB ports.
  • Fix Detecting DFU mode devices that are already connected when palera1n-c is started
  • Make SpringBoard show non-default system apps (seems to be relevant on iPads)
  • Fix amd64 binaries being embedded into non-amd64 releases
  • Fixed version string
2.0.0 beta 5 22 March 2023

palera1n Loader

  • Removed palera1n droplet from title
  • Added userspace reboot option
  • Added socials in credits
  • Made terminal window show your jbtype
  • Changed the content view gradient to be animated
  • Added debug options (triple tap a title in settings)
  • palera1n app colors are different depending on iOS version
  • If you're not bootstrapped, loader will not display any options apart from install and open trollhelper
  • Rootless will not display an option to install other package managers

Other device-side changes

  • Dyld patch - Remove Mach-O platform restrictions. (i.e. tvOS and bridgeOS binaries can now be ran on iOS, and vice versa)
  • Update tools and SSH server in the builtin binpack
  • Kernel patchfidner does not crash on 16.4 anymore (NOTE: palera1n still does not work on iOS 16.4)

CLI changes

  • Changed format of the version string
  • Credits now goes into standard error instead of standard output
  • Added -S, --no-colors to not output any colours
  • -O, --disable-ohio is gone because Ohio has been deleted
2.0.0 beta 6 27 April 2023

Highlighted changes

  • iOS 16.4 - 16.4.1 support
  • BindFS 16.0+ support
  • New rewritten loader app
  • Baked with bakera1n (?)

palera1n Loader

  • 90%~ less in size (290kb) (approximate)
  • Fully rewritten loader in UIKit, with some localisations for Chinese and Japanese
  • Loader creates a randomized string jb-XXXXXXXX that would contain the procursus folder, similar to Dopamine
  • A lot of debugging info
  • Download progress bar
  • Hide environment option, for jailbreak detection (on rootless)
  • Updated bootstraps

Other device-side changes

  • For existing rootless installs, your procursus folder will now include having a randomized string
    • /private/preboot/uuid/procursus to /private/preboot/uuid/jb-XXXXXXXX/procursus
  • Missing /var/jb symlink will be moved when jailbreaking rootless
  • cfprefsd hook for rootless

Verbose changes

  • Creating FakeFS / BindFS will be more noticeable for the user

CLI changes

  • Update credits
2.0.0 beta 7 30 May 2023

Highlighted changes

  • Fixed 16.0 beta 1 (20A5283p) not being able to jailbreak.
  • Fixed Error 256/512 during rootful bootstrap installation.
  • Fixed rootless --force-revert issue not being able to find boot hash.


  • Added better logging for Loader.
  • Added French, Arabic, Polish, German, Spanish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, and Catalan translations.
  • APT packages update on first install.
  • Check if user has sideloaded.
  • Fixed crashing when installing package manager on rootful for some users.
  • Fixed Error 256/512 during rootful bootstrap installation.
  • Fixed Input/Output Error during bootstrap installation (--force-revert).
  • General code cleanup, some better practices.
  • Helper moved to jbinit/jbloader.
  • Nebula Keyring will be installed on bootstrap.
  • Re-added alert if user has used --force-revert.

Other device-side changes

  • Fixed rootless --force-revert issue not being able to find boot hash.
  • Jailbreak contents such as /private/preboot/&{boot_hash}/jb-* and or /procursus would not be deleted, but is fixed in this release.

CLI changes

  • Added -C, --clean-fakefs flag.
    • This will revert the snapshot back to when the fakefs was first created, this will not remove the fakefs.
    • This only works if a snapshot is created when fakefs is created, so it will only work if fakefs is also created with release or a newer release.
  • MbedTLS was updated.
2.0.0 beta 8 26 October 2023

Highlighted changes

  • Support for 17.0 - 17.1 (and potentially higher)
    • "Rootful" type jailbreak will not be officially supported by us on these versions.
  • Loader now has (limited) json functionality, which now we can change the configuration on where the loader would download from without needing a new beta.
    • By limited, we mean there is no functionality in place to update the packages or repositories that the helper installs/adds (yet). However, bootstrap/package managers are working currently.
    • Proper documentation for this soon.


  • Downloaded content is now in /tmp/ due to potential permission issues from other jailbreaks.
  • Changes some loader internals to accommodate for json loading changes, this includes having some optimizations for the interface.
  • Cleanup of useless files/directories being created that were there for development purposes.
  • Upon using --force-revert, --clean-fakefs, and "Revert Install", it now deletes leftover Zebra files.
  • Helper will no longer try to write to Zebra's sources.list to add palera1n's default repositories, rather now you should use Zebra's built in community sources page for default repos.

CLI changes

  • Update checkra1n version to 0.1337.2
  • Log info will no longer show the user their device UDID when going in to recovery mode, unless user has specified having double verbose in their arguments (-vv).
2.0.0 beta 9 2 March 2024

Highlighted changes

  • Apply thid_should_crash=0 automatically for iOS 17.0+, which fixes App Store apps crashing in certain cases.
  • Improved initproc handling
  • Added functionality to download packages within the online configuration

Loader / Helper

  • Improved logic for receiving the online configuration if you're on a version that is higher than it can provide
  • If you're on a lower version, for example iOS 14 (17XX) it will reject and not let you continue
  • Added functionality to download packages within the online configuration

Other device-side changes

  • Improved initproc handling
  • Fix platform patch for iOS 16+
  • Improved logic for safemode and reboot


  • Compressed ramdisk support
  • MbedTLS was updated
2.0.0 beta 9 Update 6 March 2024

Device-side changes

  • Fix bug where thid_should_crash=0 is not applied correctly on iOS 17.0-17.3.1


  1. ^ Only palera1n loader is localized into these languages